Smart AgricultureCellular IoT for smart agriculture solutions From crop sensors, weather stations, and livestock trackers to agricultural machinery and UAVs, EMnify lets you collect IoT data across vast, rural farmland with global cellular connectivity and powerful management tools.

Smart EnergyAs the world pursues renewable energy sources and learns to distribute and utilize energy more efficiently, the Internet of Things (IoT) is playing an integral role. Manufacturers like you are building tech that gives businesses, governments, and individuals deeper insights into their energy consumption, helping them use resources more sustainably.

HealthcareConnect your medical devices to any cellular network in clinics, hospitals, in patient's homes, or while they are on the move. Secure, monitor, and manage device connectivity with a powerful platform dedicated to IoT.

Smart ManufacturingStay one step ahead of digitization with a fast and reliable IoT communication platform. Integrate, operate, and secure device connectivity across global production plants.

MediaSkip the SIM swap, and get to the action. Make each broadcast a success through automation, centralized management and an ecosystem that is redundant to the core.

RetailModern retailers use the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve service, optimize operations, and gain advanced insights from their stores.

Smart BuildingSmart buildings use IoT devices to automate operations, analyze inefficiencies, detect security threats, and recognize equipment problems. With a network of connected devices, facility managers can reduce occupancy costs, improve security, and extend the life of critical infrastructure and equipment. The benefits of smart buildings continue to grow, and businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of automation and IoT connectivity.

TrasportationTransportation is an industry ripe with opportunity for the Internet of Things. The world is racing to build and adopt more efficient, sustainable methods to get people from point A to point B, and connectivity has a key role to play.

Smart Traffic ManagementBy automating traffic lights and signage to respond to congestion and irregularities like construction projects or emergencies, cities can optimize traffic flows and avoid unnecessary investments in road systems. Cellular connectivity provides a low latency solution that helps smart traffic management systems react quickly, and SIM cards help keep the devices and their transmissions more secure.

MicromobilityWhether you’re producing fleets of rentable bikes, e-scooters, skateboards, or something else, cellular IoT is essential for micromobility. With EMnify’s SIMs, you can track and control your devices anywhere in the world, ensure customers have quality experiences and gather valuable data about how and where they use your devices.

EV ChargingEV charging stations are often deployed in parking garages and other environments that interfere with connectivity. EMnify’s SIMs automatically select the network with the best signal, so you aren’t stuck with poor service and transaction failures. By bringing cellular IoT to EV charging, you and your customers can remotely configure each station and manage energy consumption more efficiently.

Control Room & ServitizationIt is one of the many evolving scenarios of Industry 4.0 and Smart factories, which is among the projects of excellence proposed for the Digital Transition 'From Control Room to Servitization, a concrete response' from SQUADRA IoT.